(from left) Prof. Shiozaki, Dr. Sarmoko, Prof. Bessho.

NAIST, Nara Prefecture, JAPAN – Dr. Sarmoko from Institut Teknologi Sumatera (ITERA) arrived at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) on June 9, 2024 for a three-week research stay at the Gene Regulation Research Lab (Prof. Bessho Laboratory), funded by Iida Scholarship.

During Dr. Sarmoko’s visit, he advanced his PhD research on the molecular biology of cancer. His work was not confined to NAIST alone, he also conducted research and wrote manuscript at Osaka University under the guidance of his supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Toriyama, who is currently based there.

On June 24, NAIST President, Prof. Shiozaki, accompanied by Prof. Bessho formally welcomed Dr. Sarmoko. During the introduction, Dr. Sarmoko explained ITERA as a prominent science and technology hub in Sumatra, noted for its rapid growth and innovation despite its recent establishment. He expressed hope that this visit would pave the way for more ITERA staffs and students to pursue their education at NAIST.

Dr. Sarmoko conveyed his gratitude to Iida Scholarship for making his visit possible, highlighting the importance of such activities in keeping NAIST alumni connected and current with the latest skills and research. Furthermore, these visits strengthen the ties between NAIST and the institutions its alumni represent, fostering ongoing collaboration and exchange.

(from left) Dr. Sarmoko and Prof. Bessho.

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