(from left) Prof. Maki, Dr. Dini, Prof. Bessho.

NAIST, Nara Prefecture, JAPAN – Dr. Dini Wahyu Kartika Sari, a lecturer from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and an alumna of NAIST, awarded an Iida Scholarship alongside with Moh. Aji Ikhrami, an alumnus of UGM Master in Biotechnology, to carry out research and academic collaboration with NAIST in Biological Science.

Various agendas were carried out during the visit to NAIST. Dr. Dini and Aji-san worked together on research for a month (April 18 to May 16, 2024) at the Gene Regulation Research Laboratory in collaboration with Prof. Yasumasa Bessho and Assistant Prof. Ryutaro Akiyama. One of the agenda is discussing the plans of academic partnership for UGM-NAIST Double Degree (DD) Program. The Agreement for the DD Program scheme is 1+1, meaning it involves one year of study at UGM and one year of thesis research at NAIST. The funding for this DD program comes from LPDP or JASSO. Additionally, Prof. Maki, Prof. Bessho, and Dr. Dini discussed the opportunities of visiting Professor and student mobility between UGM and NAIST through JST funding for research collaboration schemes.

(from left) Dr. Dini Wahyu Kartika S., Prof. Satoko Maki, Moh. Aji Ikhrami

Dr. Dini also met Prof. Satoko Maki about the opportunity to send alumni from NAIST partner universities in Indonesia to study for Master’s and Ph.D. degrees at NAIST with the help of LPDP, MEXT, or RA NAIST funding programs. Each year, NAIST partners with Indonesian NAIST Alumni Association (INAA) to conduct pre-screening to select student candidates from Indonesia. NAIST will issue a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) for eligible candidates to apply for scholarships. Dr. Dini, along with NAIST Biological Science doctoral students, UGM alumni, and Prof. Bessho, had a meeting planned to discuss with Prof. Kazuhiro Shiozaki, the NAIST President. Dr. Dini wishes a larger number of talented Indonesian students to have the chance to pursue their education at NAIST, one of the leading universities in Japan.

The meeting of Dr. Dini, NAIST Biological Science Doctoral students, UGM alumni, and Prof. Bessho to discuss with Prof. Kazuhiro Shiozaki, the NAIST President.

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