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INAA Gathering Reunion Meeting 2023 in BOGOR

The annual agenda of the Indonesian Naist Alumni Association (INAA) is the INAA reunion meeting, which for this year was held in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, on September 2-3, 2023. This event was attended by both NAIST members and INAA members. NAIST members came directly from NAIST, Japan, and included prominent individuals such as Prof. Yasumasa BESSHO (Director of Indonesia Office, Biological Sciences), Prof. Hisaji MAKI (Biological Sciences), Asst. Prof. Juan Paolo BERMUNDO (Materials Science), Mr. Takashi IMURA (Director, Service and Support Department), Mr. Tadashi NAKANO (Deputy Head, International Affairs Division), and Ms. Michiru TAKEDA (Chief, International Student Affairs Section).

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INAA Gathering Reunion Meeting 2022 in YOGYAKARTA

Yogyakarta—-NAIST Alumni in Indonesia (INAA) held an alumni reunion on Saturday-Sunday, 6-7th August 2022 in Yogyakarta. The organizing committee for this INAA Gathering or Reunion was NAIST alumni from the UGM Lecture, Yogyakarta. The INAA Gathering committee includes Dr. Berry Juliandi, Dr. Rooby Noor Cahyono, Dr. Ari Dwi N., Dr. Dewi Dwiningtyas, Fendi san, and all UGM alumni.

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INAA Gathering Reunion Meeting 2021 & NAIST Indonesia Office 6th Anniversary Symposium 

NAIST established its first Overseas Education Collaborative Office in Bogor, an economic and culturally significant city in the West Java province, Indonesia in April 2016.The NAIST Indonesia Office is operated in cooperation with the Indonesian NAIST Alumni Association (INAA). As a hub for enhancing NAIST’s presence in ASEAN countries, it plays essential roles in activities including academic exchange with partner institutions and NAIST alumni, and active recruitment of talented students. To commemorate its 6th Anniversary, we will hold an online symposium together with an INAA Alumni Reunion on August 7.

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INAA Gathering Reunion Meeting 2020

Indonesian NAIST Alumni Association (INAA) will be held Online Reunion in September 2020. This event will be sponsored by INAA and NAIST and attended by several invited speakers such as President of NAIST, Director of NAIST Indonesia Office (Prof. Masashi Kawaichi, MD, PhD), President of INAA (Dr. Berry Juliandi, SSi, MSi), Vice President of INAA (Dr Zainal Arief, ST, MT), INAA members, NAIST Members, and NAIST students from the Division of information science (IS), biological science (BS), and material science (MS).

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