Dr. Berry Juliandi, alumni of NAIST Biological Science received award from World Federation of Science Journalist in Switzerland earlier this month. This award is part of recognition on his collaborative work with Ms. Dyna Rochmyaningsih on advocating research regulation in Indonesia. Their work is initially published in two leading science publishers, Nature and Science. Afterward, his leading advocacy on opposing new strict rules for foreign researcher gained more attention from mass media both national and international in 2018-2019. This result many articles published by domestic and foreign publisher amplifying his taught.

Dr. Berry Juliandi was studied in NAIST for doctoral program from 2008 to 2011. He used to work in a global leading stem cell laboratory in NAIST and produced many high-quality articles during his study. After returning to Indonesia, he initiated the establishment of NAIST Indonesia office in 2016 to wider collaboration opportunity between NAIST and many Indonesia universities.


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