KYOTO-In April 13, 2019, couple of NAIST alumni travelled from Indonesia to Japan to join the 80th Iida san birthday celebration. The event was held in the Four Seasons Hotel, Kyoto. In this venue, more than ten alumni gathered with their NAIST professors, NAIST current and former presidents, and of course Mrs. Sachiko Iida (Iida san), founder of Iida foundation.

Historically, Iida foundation has been supporting Indonesian students to pursue their study in NAIST since 1995. In total, the organisation has sponsored ten Indonesian students with full scholarship from 1995 to 2012. Prof. Maksum Radji from UI was the first awardee of this Iida scholarship whereas Dr. Ika Mayasari from IPB, who graduated in 2012, was the last receiver. Despite the termination of full scholarship program, Iida foundation still continually show their support to Indonesian students by sponsoring many INAA events and short-term research program.

These stories above reflect the importance of Iida foundation both for Indonesian students and NAIST. The gathering and birthday celebration of Iida san is held to maintain and increase the bonding among all the people related to this foundation. At the end, we are all wishes a happiest birthday for Iida san and gratitude for her support given to NAIST Indonesian students.


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