Bogor—-The annual agenda of the Indonesian Naist Alumni Association (INAA) is the INAA reunion meeting, which for this year was held in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, on September 2-3, 2023. This event was attended by both NAIST members and INAA members. NAIST members came directly from NAIST, Japan, and included prominent individuals such as Prof. Yasumasa BESSHO (Director of Indonesia Office, Biological Sciences), Prof. Hisaji MAKI (Biological Sciences), Asst. Prof. Juan Paolo BERMUNDO (Materials Science), Mr. Takashi IMURA (Director, Service and Support Department), Mr. Tadashi NAKANO (Deputy Head, International Affairs Division), and Ms. Michiru TAKEDA (Chief, International Student Affairs Section). Additionally, INAA members were present, including Dr. Berry Juliandi (President of INAA), Dr. Yekti Purwestri (Vice President of INAA), Prof Edy Meiyanto (Commissioners Advisor of INAA), Dr. Ari Nugraheni (INAA Committee), Dr. drh. Ni Luh Putu Ika Mayasari (INAA Committee), and all NAIST alumni from various institutions such as UI, UGM, IPB, and BRIN.

  The INAA Reunion Meeting 2023 began with introductions of the NAIST delegates, opening remarks by Prof. Yasumasa Bessho, Dr. Yekti Puwestri, and Prof. Edy Meiyanto. Subsequently, Prof. Yasumasa Bessho delivered a presentation on Indonesia Office Collaboration and Current Educational and Research Trends/Activities in NAIST. Dr. Yekti Puwestri, Vice President of INAA, presented the annual INAA report. This segment was concluded with closing remarks by the President of INAA, Dr. Berry Juliandi, M.Si. The activities continued with a visit by NAIST members to the INAA-Naist Indonesia Office. The INAA inspection was conducted by NAIST members and  INAA committee. On Saturday, the event concluded with a dinner gathering at RM Hujan Rempah in Bogor.  

Activities on the second day included an excursion to the Bogor Botanical Garden. All the NAIST Sensei and alumni visited the Greenhouse Carnivorous Plant, Griya Anggrek, and took photos in front of the Bogor Palace, the current residence of the President of Indonesia. All the activities went smoothly, and the alumni thoroughly enjoyed the INAA reunion meeting in 2023.

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